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More Industries

Metso has long and extensive experience in automation solutions for a wide range of process industries. In addition to oil and gas industry as well as minerals processing, this experience covers automation and information solutions for industrial chemical plants, clean and waste water treatment plants, food industry processes and petrochemical plants.

Typical of all these industries is that the requirements of each customer vary according to their business and operating environment. The automation supplier has to be able to understand and take these special features and demands into consideration in order to tailor a system that fits exactly to the particular case of a particular customer. We have met and exceeded customers expectations and provided results in both green field plants and retrofits worldwide.


The strenght of the Metso DNA system lies in the fact that it is suited for a wide range of processes with different distinctions and requirements, and enables various special applications. Until now Metso DNA installations are in close to 60 different kind of processes.


1. Apatite refinery 1999 Damatic XD 7 monitors, 3700 I/O
2. Phosphoric acid 1999 Damatic XD 6 monitors, 1800 I/O
3. Roasting/Sulphuric acid 1999 Damatic XD 8 monitors, 2500 I/O + Power Plant
4. Gypsum pigment 2003 metsoDNA 6 monitors,3000 I/O
5. Plant reporting 1999 XIS info,3500 variables
6. Nitric acid 2005 metsoDNA,3 monitors, 1000 I/O
7. Fertilizer 2007 metsoDNA 7 monitors,2200 I/O
8. Purified Phosp.acid 2008 metsoDNA 3 monitors,1000 I/O

Yara Fertilizer


The Yara Siilinjärvi plant produces approximately half of the fertilizers used in Finland, as well as most of the phosphoric acid supplied by Yara ... Read more