The world’s first oblique icebreaking vessel “BALTIKA” chooses Metso DNA


Baltika is the first ship ever to break ice sideways and to make a 50-meter-wide channel in the ice. Usually, two conventional icebreakers are needed to make a similar channel. The innovation has been built at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard. The vessel represents the latest maritime technology and has... Read more

Innovative icebreaking multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel with Metso’s automation system launched at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard


Arctech Helsinki Shipyard has once again built a high-technology vessel for demanding ice conditions. To enable the vessel to operate powerfully sideways, astern and ahead, the vessel BALTIKA has an asymmetric hull form, which is patented, and three 360° rotating thrusters. The innovations also i... Read more

Metso DNA steers icebreaking supply vessels


Arctech Helsinki Shipyard has been very successful when building multifunctional icebreaking supply vessels that are meant to operate in harsh conditions in Russia. These vessels rely on Metso DNA automation solutions for reliability and availbility. Read more

Operating in icy conditions safely with Metso’s automation system


Only state-of-the-art icebreakers create a sense of confidence when operating in the offshore oil and gas field of Arkutun-Dagi, Sakhalin-1. When breaking thick ice and taking cargo to the oil field in harsh conditions, operating in demanding oil spill recovery action or firefighting, the automat... Read more

Multipurpose vessel sailing with Metso DNA


A festive naming ceremony for a multipurpose vessel was held at STX Turku Shipyard. This next generation ship represents environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. The high-quality vessel naturally needs a high-quality automation system, which is provided by Metso. Read more

Keel-laying of the new generation double-ended ferry


Officially, the building of a ship starts with a keel-laying ceremony in the yard. The traditional festival of the state-of-the-art ferry meant to operate in the archipelago of Turku was celebrated this April. It is a modern and safe ferry, equipped with a top-level automation solution from Metso. Read more