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Product finder for automation

Product Finder is a search tool which helps you to find up-to-date information on Metso's vast array of products and services for different industries, focusing on mining and construction, energy, automation, recycling as well as pulp and paper. Metso's offering includes also selected products for dairy and oil and gas industries.

You can search for Metso's products in two different ways: by using the predefined dropdown menus or the free keyword search on the left.

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Products by product families

Advanced Quality Controls

Advanced Quality Control Solution for Thermo-Mechanical Pulping

Automated Laboratory Testing

» Metso analyzers and labs

Consistency Transmitters

» Metso Consistency Transmitters

ESD Valve Products

» Neles ValvGuardTM Testing and Monitoring System
» nelesESD Valve Products

Information & Knowledge Management

» Metso DNA Information & Knowledge Management
» Metso DNA Plant Management Solutions for Power

Machinery Condition Monitoring

» Metso DNA Machine Monitoring
» Sensodec 6S

» Metso Maintenance Pad

Paper Quality Management Systems

» Metso IQ

Process Analyzers and Sensors

» Metso analyzers
» Metso Conductivity and Concentration Measurements
» Metso in-line sensors

Process Automation

» Metso DNA - Process Automation Systems
» Metso DNA Control Solutions and Performance Services for Power
» Metso Performance Solutions for Pulp


» Metso IQ Profilers

Sampling Devices

» Metso samplers

Smart Field Systems

» Neles ValvGuardTM Testing and Monitoring System
» Metso FieldCareTM Field device configuration and condition monitoring software
» Neles ND9000TM Intelligent Valve Controller
» Neles SwitchGuardTM intelligent on/off valve controller

Valve Products

» Neles, Jamesbury & Mapag valves
» Complementary products

Web break analysis and web inspection system

» Metso process and quality vision