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metso.com/showroom Video: copper mining in arctic conditions

Ever wondered what it is like to operate a mine in arctic conditions? See Christer Brännström from Metso explain how it is handled at Boliden Aitik.

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Boliden Aitik in Sweden

Increased refinery reliability with emergency shut-off valves

With an investment into its new light hydrocracking and motor fuel hydrotreatment facility, a European refinery aimed to upgrade its production quality.

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metso.com/showroom How to build an underground primary crushing plant

Excavating for and assembling a primary crushing plant underground is complicated and costly, so careful planning really pays off. In this article, we review different aspects of plant design, including capacity, installation, layout, maintenance and safety. Read the full story on our Showroom »

Metso to continue its transformation by adopting a new strategy focusing on growth in its higher-margin businesses

Metso Corporation has decided on a new strategy and a new operating model, designed to drive growth in the company's core businesses and strengthen its financial performance and value creation. Under the new strategy, Metso's core customer industries will be mining, oil & gas, and aggregates. Read more »

Global oil and gas company gains increased production while saving costs

Last year, a large global oil and gas company facing major productivity challenge in both its upstream and refining processes, turned to Metso and was informed about Metso's Control Performance Business Solution. The results gained have been excellent, and include improved stability and operating cost savings. In fact, this customer got 100% return on investment in less than six months. Read more »