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Published Mar 11, 2013 11:42:36 AM +2 GMT

Metso valves reduce emissions and improve safety at processing plants

2012 was a banner year at the Metso Flow Laboratory, where a corporate initiative to increase the numbers of valves certified to the most stringent environmental emissions standards continues. In 2012, numerous Neles® metal-seated and Jamesbury® soft-seated valve products were certified to meet the requirements of the global ISO15848-1 standard, complying with many standards mandated in specific regions, including TA-Luft (Germany) and EPA 40 CFR parts 60/63 (USA).

ISO15848-1 certified valves are regarded as fulfilling the most stringent emission standards, and meeting this qualification signifies compliance with many other emission standards. It is also a mandatory requirement of the majority of current projects in the oil and gas industries worldwide.

Metso’s control and on-off valve product series include ball, butterfly and eccentric rotary plug valves in pressure classes ASME #150-600. In 2012, representative products from these series were shown to meet ISO15848-1 requirements for:

  • Highest temperature class (+400º C with graphite packing) for metal seated valves and (+200 º C with PTFE packing) for soft seated valves
  • Low leakage class (B)
  • Class A (bellows seal tightness) of the Neles D1F series cryogenic valves with graphite packing

Metso valve products minimize fugitive emissions even at high operating temperatures, meeting demands of even the harshest hydrocarbon processing plant environments. By minimizing fugitive emissions, these products help improve health and safety for workers, allowing plants to meet regulatory standards, and reduce product losses.

For further information, please contact:

Tarmo Laitinen, Metso Automation (Neles product certifications), tarmo.laitinen@metso.com

Taija Hämäläinen, Metso Automation (Jamesbury product certifications), taija.hamalainen@metso.com

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